Using Branscombe Beach Car Park

Branscombe Beach Car Park | Important information

Height 2.2 metres maximum at Branscombe Beach
  •  Branscombe Beach Car Park is monitored by cameras and they miss nothing

  • Once you turn down towards the beach from more or less opposite The Masons Arms in the village you really only have two choices, to go around the little roundabout at the end of the road and come straight back or enter the car park and pay to park. There is nowhere at the end to "wait".
  • The post code for the car park is EX12 3DP
  • The road down from opposite Masons Arms to the car park is around 1/2 mile long, narrow and with few passing places
  • If you drive in to the car park AT ALL you must pay. There is no free "Blue Badge" parking
  • You cannot "Just wait five minutes" while somebody uses the loo, gets an ice-cream etc. If you do you will get fined. You must pay at least the minimum sum.
  • There is a height restriction on the entrance of around 2.2 metres.
  • No overnight camping allowed
  • If you think you might be 50 minutes pay for two hours! There is no period of grace, if you are queuing to pay in the café and think you have gone over your time buy another £1 ticket. 
  • You must put your full car registration number in correctly. Double check it.
  • Your time starts from when you arrive and not when you decide to pay.
  • Keep your tickets for around one month in case of any disputes.

  • We advise you to pay in cash, that way the machine gives you a ticket (receipt). Keep this proof of payment. 
Finally, in writing this web site I visited the car park. I paid in cash £1 for one hour and I guess I was there for about 30 minutes. I had no problems at all and did not get fined. (Correct 2020)

So it seems if you follow the rules all is well....

My ticket is below.

Parking Ticket Example. Note the opening words on it!

Branscombe Beach Car Park Ticket Example

Parking Ticket Reverse
No need to display in the car

Brascombe Beach Parking Ticket