About Branscombe Beach Car Park

Branscombe Beach Car Park is not operated by East Devon Council

Whilst a number of car parks in East Devon operate a "One ticket suits all" scheme during the "Off Peak" months (usually November to March) this car park does not fall under this scheme and parking is always charged.

There are many stories on the Internet of people being sent fines in the post having used this car park. If you read this web site it is hoped that you will understand a little more about it and thus avoid them. 

Parking at Branscombe Beach

Branscombe Beach Car Park is a privately owned piece of land near the sea front and beach in the village of Branscombe, East Devon.

The Car Park does not fall under the "East Devon" car park scheme and as such is charged and operated differently.

There are no concessions for "Blue Badge" parking. In line with all local car parks the same tariff applies.

General view of the car Park

General View Of The Branscombe Beach Car Park